County Board candidates announce their intentions for Spring Election

Several updates have been made in the past week to the list of candidates seeking election this coming April 5th as a Marquette County Board Supervisor.

In District 1, incumbent Abby Swan has filed papers for re-election, as have incumbent Dennis Fenner in District 2, incumbent David Krentz in District 3, District 4 incumbent Supervisor John Bennett, incumbent Kathy Jo Locke in District 5, incumbent Dave Benson in District 6, and incumbent Ken Borzick in District 7.

Other incumbents who have filed for run for re-election include Mike Raddatz in District 8, Bart O’Brien in District 9, Mary Walters in District 10, and Al Rosenthal in District 11.

A new filing this week was Jon Vote of Montello, running for District 12. Previously, the incumbent Supervisor Jon Sheller, filed his declaration of non-candidacy for that seat.

Incumbent Kathleen McGwin has filed to run again in District 13.

Also filing for the 2022 election is a new candidate ,Jeffrey Frazer, in District 14. Robert “Bob” Miller announced previously that he will not seek re-election to his Marquette County Board Supervisor District 14 position in the April 2022 election. He is currently serving as Board Chairperson.

Running for District 15 will be incumbent Gayle Mack, along with a new challenger, Margaret R. Krause of rural Endeavor. This represents the only contested race, so far.

District 16 incumbent Alan Gibeaut has filed to run again, as has District 17 incumbent Judi Nigbor.

Marquette County’s Board of Supervisors has a total of 17 seats, all of which come up for election this coming April 5th. 

The deadline for filing the required paperwork is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 4, past the Tribune’s printing deadline. If there are any updates after that, we will print them next week.