Germaina News 8-5

Since July of 2016, I have looked forward to the next time that our class of 1986 would gather for our 35th reunion. Saturday we made that event happen at Generations Bar and Grill of Oxford, thanks in part to our gracious and hardworking hostess Stacey. We had a nice turnout of 24 classmates, with 4 people making their first appearance at a reunion of our Westfield High School class. We all shared many laughs, memories and updates on our lives. The genuine smiles on the faces of friends warms my heart and to spend an evening with you all was the best part of my summer 2021. If you have ever hesitated about attending a reunion, you have never been to one of ours. We were a smaller class of about 76 students at graduation and we have always done our best to stay in contact. Thank you all for the true gift of friendship over the years. See you in 5, if not before.

Congratulations to Sonny Nemitz of Oxford who retired from being a faithful school bus driver for the past decades or more. Sonny, you truly are an inspiration of dedication to a job and will live on in the hearts of the many children that you took safely to and from school each week.

Thank you! Happy birthday to Helene Koch of Montello, who will celebrate her special day on July 29th. Helen is missing her beloved husband Bob as she celebrates this year alone, so we send her many hugs and happy thoughts to fill her day.

Last week Wednesday, Roger and Mary Goldsmith of Newton met their friends Everett and Candy Beutler of Windsor for supper in Germania at the Longbranch Saloon. They enjoyed broasted chicken dinners, complete with soup and salad bar. The dining room was filling up quickly at 4:30 pm but they had plenty of room for all to enjoy their time and company.

Chris Wollert of Budsin was happy to have a visit with her goddaughter Tonya and Chris's Aunt Barb during the past week. She was also able to spend a few hours with the grandkids of Berlin. Chris notes that the hummingbird are at the feeders and the flowers, as are many other birds. The fox family strolled through the Wollerts’ yard by the Mecan River during the week and stopped to have lunch in my yard a few times too. The fox is bigger than my cats but not as fussy of an eater. Chris is busy keeping up with it seems something ripens each day.

Happy birthday wishes are sent to my cousin Shelly Spatz, Pat Raftery, Camille Quinn of Lawrence, Corbin Hodge Kline, Sue Kopach, Dave Hutchinson, Kyle Hillmer, Helen Koch of Montello and Laurie Wacholz, all celebrating on July 29th. July 30th will be my 53rd birthday, John Weckwerth of Tuttle Lake is a few years older than that, and Laura Helms, Diane Mike and Jamie Gessner share the day with me. July 31st, we wish Mike Hinze, Linda Happersett, Presley Wollert, Steve Krahn and Derek Drew a great day. Tracy Raimer, Louise Stapleman, and my nephew Kane Goldsmith have an August 1 birthday. Happy anniversary to Paula and Bill Beers on August 1. John Ottman of Berlin, Terry Wollert of Budsin, Cyndi Ellsner, Cole Barton and Brianna Cain have an August 2 birthday. My Uncle Jerry Goldsmith of Wautoma, Tom Becker of Lawrence and Jamie Timm have an August 3 birthday. Happy anniversary to Rollie and Sassie Polakoski of Princeton on August 4. Roger Hillmer of Montello and Wendy Bartz of Wautoma have an August 4 birthday. Best wishes to you all.

Many thanks to Pastor Terry Temanson of New Beginnings Church, west of the Village of Westfield, who holds a weekly service on Mondays at Harris Villa Assisted Living facility. We appreciate your visits.

Don and Missy Heller of Budsin met with friends Randy and Sue Schatzke of Tuttle Lake and George and Marlene Weiss of Germania for a weekend of fun up north near Rhinelander. The group did some fishing, boating, grilling and a lot of laughing while relaxing around Julia Lake. A good time was had by all.