Jeanna’s Bar raises $3,120 for Budda-Box

Jeanna’s American Legion Bar in Montello held a big fundraiser on January 1st for Budda-Box Fight Against Cancer, and with the help of generous customers, raised a total of $3,120 for the organization that helps cancer patients in Marquette County. Bar owner Jeanna Powell was inspired to help the organization after seeing their generosity in action when they helped pancreatic cancer patient Tim Powell with some travel expenses. The day included a meat raffle but the most fun was probably during the announcement of the 50/50 prize winners. First, Sonya and Mike Krueger, who own Mikey’s Sportsmen’s Tavern, matched the 50/50 prize money of $400. Then, Beth Frost and Peggy Sosinsky, who purchased a ticket together, donated back their winnings with Beth challenging her husband Jack to donate $200. He did just that, and then Beth put in another $200 of her own! Jeanna thanked everyone for contributing toward this great cause.

Pictured above are the people who made the extra donations toward the 50/50 raffle proceeds, along with bar owner Jeanna Powell. (Photo submitted)