Marquette County Farm Bureau sponsors 1/2 price ice cream event

The Marquette County Farm Bureau hosted a great ice cream promotion from noon to 6 p.m. last Saturday, September 4th, at the Montello Candy Store and It’s Poppin in Westfield. Single scoop ice cream cones and dishes were half-price during from noon to 6 p.m. and were enjoyed by lots of customers at both locations. Here, Farm Bureau member and event organizer Victoria Wachholz treats her children Anna and Ella to a delicious ice cream treat at It’s Poppin.

At the Montello Candy Store, the Pufahl family of Lake Mills, WI, visiting a local campground for the first time, enjoyed sweet ice cream treats on Saturday afternoon. Serving them is Taylor Emmons.

It’s Poppin in Westfield was one of the two hosts for the Farm Bureau’s 1/2 price ice cream event, and had a big line of hungry customers here, including local Farm Bureau member and event organizer Victoria Wachholz with her children Anna and Ella. Behind them are a group of youngers who also enjoyed some delicious treats.