Preliminary Election Results Reported

Marquette County’s Spring Election on April 5th resulted in a light turnout this year. There was a total of 2,197 voters at the polls, representing a 17.5% voter turnout.

State elections included one uncontested race. Brian Blanchard received 1,844 Marquette County votes for Court of Appeal Judge, District 4. There were 38 write-in votes cast, as well.

In County Supervisor races, there were four contested seats this year in Districts 9, 12, 13 and 15. Preliminary election night counts showed the following results:

District 1 – Abby Swan (incumbent) – 140 votes; 4 write-ins

District 2 – Dennis Fenner (incumbent) – 140 votes

District 3 – David Krentz (incumbent) – 148 votes; 3 write-ins

District 4 – John Bennett (incumbent) – 111 votes; 21 write-ins

District 5 – Kathy Jo Locke (incumbent) – 103 votes

District 6 – David Benson (incumbent) – 196 votes; 5 write-ins

District 7 – Ken Borzick (incumbent) – 105 votes; 5 write-ins

District 8 – Mike Raddatz (incumbent) – 121 votes; 4 write-ins

District 9 – Bart O’Brien (incumbent) – 68 votes; Damien Wesolowski (new candidate) – 42 votes

District 10 – Mary Walters (incumbent) – 91 votes; 4 write-ins

District 11 – Al Rosenthal (incumbent) – 86 votes; 1 write-in

District 12 – Jon Vote (new candidate) – 60; Chuck Bornhoeft (new candidate) – 59

District 13 – Kathleen McGwin (incumbent) - 75; Howard J. Williams (new candidate) – 32

District 14 – Jeffrey Frazer (new candidate) – 68 votes

District 15 – Gayle Mack (incumbent) – 62 votes; Peggy Krause (new candidate) - 59

District 16 – Alan Gibeaut (incumbent) – 100 votes

District 17 – Judi Nigbor (incumbent) – 90 votes; 1 write-in

Montello School Board

The Montello School Board had three seats up for election, with two incumbents choosing not to run for another term. The ballot featured one candidate, Roslynde Kosterman, who was recently appointed to fill a vacancy. She received 626 votes. The remaining two seats were selected from write-ins. Bryan Calnin, with 83 votes, and John Malaszuk, with 59 votes, were the top two vote-getters. There were also 20 votes for Andy Zellmer and 11 votes cast for Jared Abbrederis.

Westfield School Board

In the Westfield School District, three seats were up for election, two with unopposed candidates and one with a contest between Daniel Fenske and Jill Steckbauer, both new candidates. Marquette County’s portion of the district’s voters gave Fenske 635 votes and Steckbauer 494. There were also 15 write-in votes cast.

Incumbent Jerry Stampfl was unopposed with 1005 votes. Twenty-six write-ins were also recorded. The other unopposed incumbent was Nick Coenen, who received 932 votes. His district recorded 38 write-ins, as well.

Municipal Races

City of Montello had one contested race, that for alderperson in Ward 2 between incumbent Barb Jordan and new candidate Bill Faulkner. The winner was Bill Faulkner with 35 votes, while Jordan was close behind with 32.

Incumbent Sue Kozlowski was unopposed in Ward 1 with 36 votes. One write-in was also cast. In Ward 3, incumbent Ronald Knutson received 25 votes, and in Ward 4, Brian Schrimpf received 41 votes.

Packwaukee Town Board featured two uncontested positions. Vikki Trimble received 123 votes and Larry Haygood received 98.

Village of Endeavor had two seats to fill and three candidates. The top vote-getter was Alan Trimble with 47 votes, and the remaining two – Peggy Remm and Norlene Gray – received 30 votes each. The winner – Remm – was determined by a coin flip!

Karl N. Kindschi received 49 votes on an unopposed ballot for Muncipal Judge in the Village of Endeavor.

Village of Neshkoro had two seats to fill in an uncontested election. Carey Koats received 50 votes and James Good got 35.

Village of Oxford had three seats on the ballot and three candidates to fill them. Carrie Rozek received 46 votes, Richard Bohringer got 45, and Bart O’Brien had 42. Five write-ins were also recorded.

Village of Westfield had an uncontested ballot with three available seats. Jessika Stauffacher received 138 votes, Veronica Vanderhyden got 133, and Kathy Phillis had 130.

Town of Neshkoro Referendum

The Town of Neshkoro had a referendum question: Should the Town of Neshkoro adopt an ordinance that permits individuals to operate ATVs/UTVs on all town roads? The question passed with 95 yes votes to 57 no votes.