Sheriff's deputies are recognized for their service

At the County Board meeting on February 20th, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were recognized for their service and dedication to the community during 2023. This is the 2nd annual Awards and Recognition program observance for the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office. The awarded categories for this year included:


Award of Valor: Awarded to office personnel who knowingly performed an act of personal bravery that placed their own safety and life at risk to accomplish their duties. The act performed in the presence of great danger or at great personal risk and by its nature involved the saving of a human life, who committed serious crime. The action must be performed in such a manner as to render the individual highly conspicuous. 

Detective Sergeant Cameron Klump was the recipient of the Award of Valor. In December of 2022 his vehicle was struck while making a traffic stop. He was inside it and sustained injuries that required him to go to the hospital. The damage to the vehicle was so extensive that it was totaled. He was nominated for the award due to his commitment to the job and for his professionalism. Sheriff Konrath said that every time they went to work something like this could happen, and Klump and his family experienced something none of them could imagine. Konrath said Klump was back to work as soon as he could and was doing the best as usual. 


Lifesaving Effort Award: Recognizes a member of the office who provides significant or prolonged lifesaving efforts to a victim or victims.

Sergeant Austin Sukowatey, Deputy Cade Winter-Procknow, and Deputy Colin Zeumer were the recipients of the Lifesaving Effort Award. There was a CPR call in September of 2023 that involved a PNB patient. They arrived first and were able to resuscitate the patient before they were medflighted to the hospital. The patient lived another 5 days before passing away.  


Award of Merit: Given to department personnel who go above and beyond what is expected or required from them. They heroically reflect only the highest traditions of law enforcement service and the profession they represent. Through personal initiative, tenacity, and great effort acts to solve a major crime or series of crimes or develops a program or plan which contributes significantly to the office’s objectives and goals.

Detective Sergeant Brian Ropicky was the recipient of the Award of Merit. Ropicky was in charge of the investigation into a school shooting threat made at the Westfield School District. He made juvenile referrals for an individual in Maryland for swatting and terroristic threats and for an individual in Westfield for swatting as party to a crime, terrorist threats as party to a crime, possession of child pornography, and obstructing justice. There was another individual in Connecticut whose authorities were also requesting charges as well. 


Award of Excellence: Given to office personnel who perform a particularly noteworthy act or service based on a determined and intelligent performance. The Award of Excellence recipient was Sgt. Jeremy Breiwa. He was one of the original members and pilots of the drone team. Konrath said that Breiwa was a team leader and was very knowledgeable and passionate about the drone team. He kept up to date records of their activities and equipment and assists with setting up agency drone training. He also responds to drone calls on a regular basis. He was also responsible for many years of CIB audits, which Konrath said was very intense and required a lot of work to be completed. 


Officer of the Year: This award is presented annually to a member of the Sheriff’s Office who has represented the agency in all facets of law enforcement with a commitment to excellence, in support of the mission and values of the organization. The officer has consistently persevered in the prevention of crime and demonstrated initiative, leadership, and dedication to the law enforcement profession.

This year’s recipient was Deputy Colin Zeumer. Konrath said that Zeumer had several additional assignments that he oversaw, including serving as Mock Administrator, Tracks Administrator, Watchguard administrator, Cellebrite technician, and K-9 decoy. He also handled their radio and support operations and was instrumental in their body camera project, learning the system and working with the vendor and county staff to ensure they were implemented correctly. In addition he also helped maintain the software they worked with every day. 

In December of 2023 Zeumer was involved in a crash while on-duty during a snow/ice storm. He was hit head-on by a truck in the wrong lane and was able to assist and provide care to the driver of the truck immediately. Konrath said what he did was incredible work and everything was recorded on the body-work camera and the vehicle’s camera. 


We are very proud to have such dedicated professionals serving in our community. Congratulations to all!


If you would like to nominate a deputy, the Awards Nomination Form is posted on the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office website. The Awards and Recognition program allows members of the agency to nominate their co-workers, partners in law enforcement, and citizens for efforts that often go unrecognized. The nominations are then reviewed by an awards committee.