City of Montello plans makeover of newly acquired section of Daggett Memorial Park

The City of Montello has been working on plans for developing part of the north side of Daggett Park that surrounds the waterfalls and granite quarry. The space faces Park Street, just east of the hydro dam. The 7.7 acre space was donated to the City by the Daggett Charitable Trust in May of 2021 and connects to Daggett Memorial Park on Montello Street.

The City is currently applying for a $30,000 Vibrant Spaces grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to build and enhance that section of the park. The completed project would include a scenic quarry overlook, a kiosk highlighting the history of the Montello Granite Quarry, a permanent home for the “Secrets” sculpture made by Montello High School art students in 2008, a separate small outdoor stage, landscaping, and electricity run to that area.

The City Council recently passed Resolution 2023-01, which outlined the City’s support of the project and detailed their planned use of $30,000 in ARPA funds plus $10,700 in pledged contributions from local businesses and clubs towards the project completion. 

The City will find out the status of the grant in May. If they don’t receive it, they will relook at the project to see what can be done with the pledges they have received and have said that they won’t use taxpayer monies for the project.