Representative Dallman Discusses Local Concerns with Sheriffs

Madison, WI – Representative Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) met with local Sheriffs last week to discuss issues facing local law enforcement and communities in Green Lake and Marquette counties.

As part of Badger Sate Sheriffs’ Association’s Spring Conference, Green Lake County Sheriff Mark A. Podoll and Marquette County Joseph R. Konrath visited Representative Dallman in Madison, Wisconsin. The Sheriffs and Rep. Dallman discussed topics such as Assembly Bill 28, which would classify county jailers as a protective occupation status under the Wisconsin Retirement System. They also discussed increased shared revenue for local municipalities, increased pay for prosecutors and staffing shortages.

“I want to thank Sheriff Podoll and Sheriff Konrath for stopping by my office in the Capitol last week and for their service to our communities,” Rep. Dallman said. “I appreciated hearing their view on issues that affect Green Lake County, Marquette County, and the State of Wisconsin. I will continue working hard to fight for law enforcement and public safety in the state legislature.”